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A completely new city – Medini Iskandar in Malaysia – needs a well though-out industrial area to handle all necessary logistics, storage and light manufacturing. The city planners provided a number of plots for just this purpose, thinking of several smaller buildings in a more traditional setup.

We decided against this and proposed one big structure to house a multitude of functions.

The base is a two-story hall that provides ample space for logistics – of course with the highest security and such amenities as cross-docking – storage and light manufacturing. A street down the middle of the upper floor of this part of the building provides access to the elevated sections. Above the hall are two levels of parking, enabling everyone working in the building to find his or her parking space. Straddling the hall at intervals of 33m are 4-story office buildings, offering enough room for the “overhead” of the activities going on below, with offices to spare for other companies.

The walls of the building are partially covered in green walls, which together with the latest technologies in heating and cooling, make this a carbon-neutral building.



City: Iskandar
Country: Malaysia
Type: logistics
Finished: Concept


Office: 162.000 m2
Hal: 172.300 m2
Parking Cars: 6.400



Medini Iskandar
Medini Iskandar
Medini Iskandar
Medini Iskandar
Medini Iskandar

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