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Building with green and glass

Bouwen met groen en glas (“building with green and glass”) uses new techniques and innovations derived from greenhouse construction, space travel and psychology.

The concept makes great use of daylight, the heating power of the sun, the positive influences of plants and green on the human psyche and shows the many different possibilities for architectural design incorporating all these points. The biggest advantage of the concept from the users point of view is a clean, healthy and positive climate inside houses, schools, offices and hospitals. It gives the tenant a lasting and comfortable living- and working-climate while substantially lowering costs and CO2-emissions for heating and cooling. It creates an individual eco-system for the structure where plants and greenery are an integral part of the technical installations.

The usage of a lot of glass leads to a better living- and working-climate in buildings and lowers energy usage. New techniques and innovations from greenhouse construction give the possibility to catch the heat created in the summer and to store it underground, using heat exchange units and heat pumps. This heat is then released in the winter to augment or even replace conventional heating. Both heating and cooling can thus be achieved with very low CO2-emissions, an aim that is becoming more and more important in today’s market.

The extended use of glass also makes it possible to make extended use of greenery. Plants are more than just decoration, they are an essential and integral part in cleaning and humidifying the air and creating a healthy environment to let humans live, work and learn.

Groen en Glas
Groen en Glas
Groen en Glas
Groen en Glas
Groen en Glas
Groen en Glas
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