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Distribution center V en D


Distribution centers are often only seen by their size and are anonymous in appearance.

The anonymity in this concept is broken by applying a contrasting accent color, which marks the front of the building. This red accent goes from the office, the underside of the roof of the dock levellers and staircases through to the sprinkler tank.

The building therefore has a very distinctive character and immediately stands out by his appearance as seen from the nearby highway. The building will be build as energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Distribution center V en D


City: Nieuwegein
Country: the Netherlands
Type: logistics
Finished: Concept


Office: 1.285 m2
Hal: 51.282 m2
Parking Cars: 106


Name: Goodman, Eindhoven

Distribution center V en D
Distribution center V en D
Distribution center V en D
Distribution center V en D

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