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Benelux Office


A 4.050 m2 office building, with nine floors suitable for one main tenant or up to two tenants on each floor. The building is a landmark in an area where we find a residential site, a business park and a metro station.

The eye catcher of the building is the circular floor space. Visitors marvel at the efficient use of space. The working areas are located near the windows while all the service areas are located in the centre of the building.

The entire building is made in prefab concrete with the use of Dutch red masonry witch gives the building a unique and durable identity.

Benelux Office


City: Rotterdam
Country: the Netherlands
Type: office
Finished: 2000


Office: 4.050 m2
Parking Cars: 42



Benelux Office
Benelux Office
Benelux Office
Benelux Office
Benelux Office

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