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Leisure Center Oosterhout


An open, multi functional building with a movie theater, gym, a big indoor playground, offices and, at one end, self-storage-units for private and business use.

The building consitst of one main body with a slightly higher part to one end, and a second, smaller unit, containing the movie theater, nestling into the firts one at an angle. This creates an open plaza, which is accessed from the Statendamweg. Here in this public space several functions are united: meeting point, outside eating and drinking and inviting entrance to the building, as well as drop-off point for taxis, parking spaces for cars and bikes and access to the garage. The zoning of the space and the placement of open water enhance and form the multi-faceted use.

The entrance to the movie theater, one of the main attractions, sits in the inside corner of the building. It is attached to the main entrance hall that connects (most of) the public functions and enhances the transparent and inviting character of the building.

Leisure Center Oosterhout


City: Oosterhout
Country: the Netherlands
Type: retail
Finished: 2009


Retail: 18.000 m2
Parking Cars: 330



Leisure Center Oosterhout
Leisure Center Oosterhout
Leisure Center Oosterhout
Leisure Center Oosterhout

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