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TOP Center Ibbenbüren


The project is located in the center of Ibbenbüren, Germany, on the corner of Kanalstraße and Poststraße. The prominent center of the building is an old pharmacy in a protected structure, which is enclosed - without touching - by the new shopping center.

The difference in elevation of the surrounding ground is more than 2 meters from the south-west to the north-east corner of the plot and we have used this to create an easy access to the parking level, which covers most of the building.

The elevations have a classical, horizontal structure. The eastern façade facing the Kanalstraße is divided in three horizontal layers: a ground floor that opens up towards the city, a closed first floor, covered with the local stone, and a 2nd floor consisting of structural glazing, which acts as a lantern towards the city center. Together this creates an air of openness and forms a connection with the adjecent plots.

TOP Center Ibbenbüren


City: Ibbenbüren
Country: Germany
Type: retail
Finished: 2010


Retail: 10.243 m2
Parking Cars: 97



TOP Center Ibbenburen
TOP Center Ibbenburen
TOP Center Ibbenburen
TOP Center Ibbenburen

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