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Blom Architects Ltd is a medium-sized, independant architecture firm, with a team of engaged professionals. Part of out work is done for professional clients, which means that flexibility and the ability to quickly adjust to changing circumstances are very important. Together we are proficient in all aspects of the building process and customer satisfaction of the final result is the most important goal for us. That is why we are happy to work with different partners, like fellow architects, advisers and project managers. This way, the specific knowledge for any particular project is available to achieve the best possible solution.


Since the start of the company in 1978, we have designed more than 900 projects in architecture and urban planning. We are proud of the 450 projects that have been build. The assignments are internationally oriented, spanning multiple sectors and mostly multi-use. Our experience ranges from architectural insertions to extensive urban developments and logistical projects in housing and commercial and industrial buildings. The firm is also a member of the Association of Dutch Architects (BNA).

Without Borders

Blom Architects Ltd stands for architecture without borders or boundaries, with an emphasis on customer-orientation. We are not to be constrained by sector or region. We are innovation-driven, opening new horizons and helping us in developing and extending new building concepts.

Form through Dialogue

We find our solutions through a continuous dialogue with the client, and his wishes are the bases for our design. His identity, be it personal or professional, is our starting point, and identity cannot be limited. Through our international experience we are able to extract the uniqueness of each project.


Our challege is the area between form, function and budget. Global and local trends are our inspiration. Professionalism is our trusted base and personal growth in our team our biggest asset.

Blom Architects
Hogestraat 26  •  NL - 4891 CB Rijsbergen  •  the Netherlands  •  phone: +31 76 596 3458  •  g.blom@blom-international.com
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